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Off-Topic: South Carolina Man Gets Three Years In The Pokey For Banging A Horse

rodell vereen

Rodell Vereen, 50, of South Carolina, has been convicted of something called buggery, which I guess is just a fancy name for horse-fucking, and been sentenced to three years in prison. The best (or worst) part? He was caught having sex with the same horse last year. Googly-moogly.

Authorities charged Vereen, 50, after a woman set up a surveillance camera and caught him on tape having sex with her horse in July. Horse owner Barbara Kenley said she had noticed her 21-year-old horse Sugar was acting strangely. She also noticed things had been moved around near the horse’s stall at her stables in Longs, about 20 miles northeast of Myrtle Beach.

Of course things have been moved around in the stallĀ  – Vereen was trying to create some ambiance and a romantic atmosphere, for Christ’s sake. Where was he supposed to put the candles and bag of oats before he became Sugar’s steed and did the deed? Sometimes Sugar ain’t feeling so sweet, ya dig?

Not surprisingly, Vereen has a history of mental problems, and was caught horsing around with Sugar previously.

Horry County police don’t often investigate animal sex allegations, spokesman Sgt. Robert Kegler said. He said the last person charged with buggery in the county was Rodell Vereen in late 2007.

Kenley said she caught him then too. She stopped by her stable on Thanksgiving Day and found the man asleep in the hay by her horse.

Thanksgiving Day, eh? I guess Vereen ain’t a Cowboys fan. Or maybe he is? One thing we can be certain of: he probably loves the work of Sarah Jessica Parker – and Buzz Bissinger, for that matter. Sometimes he’d bring his portable DVD player and they would lay in the hay together and watch Sex and the City and just neigh and whinnny all evening long. He was a real giver in the relationship in that respect, because horse-fucker or not, to watch that crap takes a lot of patience.

But three years in prison, huh? Ouch. We have all heard about what happens to child molesters in the slammer, but what about horse-bangers? In any event, I hope Vereen gets the helps he needs on the inside. Before you know it, he’ll be released and be back in the saddle in no time.

Wait. That’s not the right way of putting it, is it?

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