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I Guess This Headline Means Pedro Martinez Is The Ray Parker, Jr. Of Baseball…Or Something


Who ya gonna call? Pedro Martinez?

Clearly, the headline writer of the AP story had Ghostbusters on the brain or he is a huge fan of R&B funkmaster Ray Parker, Jr. Although I guess if he was simply a fan of Parker, Jr., he could have went with one of his lesser-known tunes, like 1983’s “Bad Boy.” Perhaps I’m putting too much thought into this already.

Anyhoo, Pedro Martinez ain’t afraid of no ghosts, whether they be in Yankee Stadium, the New York Public Library or 55 Central Park West. Does that make Andy Pettitte the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man? Or, if he’s the Ray Parker, Jr. of baseball, maybe that means Pettitte is El DeBarge? Damn, I’m confused.

Pedro’s back! And he ain’t afraid of no ghosts [Yahoo!/AP]