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Wake N’ Blog For November 3rd: Mama Mia! That’s A-One A-Spicy Meatball!

wake-n-blogWorld Series. Philadelphia Phillies 8, New York Yankees 6. Chase Utley hit two home runs, his fourth and fifth of the World Series, as the Phillies offense pounded Yankees starter A.J. Burnett to force a Game 6 back in the Bronx. []

NFL. New Orleans Saints 35, Atlanta Falcons 27. Drew Brees threw for 308 yards, Pierre Thomas scored two touchdowns and Jabari Greer returned an interception for a touchdown as the Saints improved to 7-0 on the season. [Yahoo!]

NHL. Alexander Ovechkin is considered “week-to-week” due to an upper body injury suffered in Sunday’s game against Columbus. [The Associated Press]

Big deal, Marlon Brando ate meatballs this size all the time. An Italian restaurant in Concord, New Hampshire now owns the world record for the largest meatball ever made. Nonni’s Italian Eatery made a 222.5 pound meatball, which was confirmed by the Guiness Book of World Records. Good for them. [MSNBC/AP]