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Last Call: The ‘OMG! You Dummies Missed Last Call For Miley Cyrus Quiz Entries’ Edition


I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but while you were wasting your life away doing God knows what, you missed the October 20th deadline to submit your answers for The Birmingham News’ Miley Cyrus Quiz. The winner, who would have displayed “his or her mastery of Miley trivia” was set to receive a Miley Cyrus gift pack and I have a feeling one of you Last Callers would have certainly been the person to demonstrate their vast wealth of knowledge considering all things about America’s Teen Princess.

The quiz, and the usual shit, after the jump.

miley quizmiley quiz2

My efforts to fully play out this bet lost a lot of steam after having to do screen grabs, so I didn’t do any research as to the correct answers, but if you are an adult male and feel confident you answered most of these questions correctly, Chris Hanson would like you to have a seat over here. Sicko.


The Entree

  • The State: “Planet Groovy”


  • Attack of the Show!‘s Olivia Munn

olivia munn


beerfest 2 220806

olivia munn2

And for the ladies…


  • Attack of the Show!’s Kevin Pereira (hey what it lacked in tastelessness was made up with synergy).

Have fun, kids.