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Jim Nantz Is Wondering If Anyone Would Like To Marry His Ex-Wife – Like Today


I wonder if Jim Nantz will write “Hello, friend” in the memo of the check he will be writing to his ex-wife every month. My guess is it might involve a little saltier language than that.

As part of their divorce settlement, Jim Nantz has been ordered by a Connecticut judge to pay his ex-wife, Lorrie, nearly $1 million in alimony and child support for their 15-year-old daughter. The clincher? Nantz is required to pay his ex-wife $72,000 per month until she dies or remarries, so I imagine Mr. Nantz is all for Lorrie getting back in to the dating scene – pronto.

In addition, the judge required Nantz to turn over the couple’s six-bedroom home on Imperial Avenue in Westport to his ex-wife along with all the furnishings. She also will get the condominium on Terra Nova Circle in Westport occupied by her mother.

He retains the contract on a $1 million condo in Deer

Nantz must also pay $70,000 toward the country club membership of his wife’s choice.

The total alimony and support award of $916,000 a year is somewhat less than the more than $1.5 million Lorrie Nantz had been seeking in alimony and child support.

No matter how much money you bring in a year, that is a hefty sum of cash. Nantz reportedly earns approximately $7 million per year, including $4 million from his work on CBS.

Although the judge ruled that neither party was at fault for the dissolution of the marriage, he did note in his decision, according to the report in the Connecticut Post, that “[a]s frequently happens in marriages of lengthy duration the parties do not have the same interest and ardor for their spouse’s endeavors…Husband’s major lament is the wife’s failure to take a greater interest in his career and to participate more fully and enthusiastically in events whether social, such as spending time with a past United States president, to professional, such as going to sports banquets or important athletic events. Sometimes these types of commitments wane,” alluding to how Lorie took little interest in her husband’s career, not showing up for banquets that honored him or allowing him to hang an oil portrait of himself in the home, an Nantz alluded to while tearfully recalling how little his wife cared about his work.

That’s apparently why Nantz elected to take a 29-year-old lover, whom he met while promoting a book. As good a reason as any, I guess.

In the end, as it so often occurs, all that was left to do was bicker about how much money she would get from the marital estate. Obviously, she made out pretty well, and will be receiving a nice little check from her ex-husband every month until she decides to remarry.

I wouldn’t count on that happening any time soon, Jim.

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