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I Hear Dubya Is Huge In Japan

Japan Baseball Bush

Former President George W. Bush threw out the ceremonial first pitch before the Yomiuri Giants and Nippon Ham Fighters took the field for Game 3 of the Japan Series.

Conservative estimates place the pitch at approximately 50 mph, but what I want to know is if the pitch was wide right of the strike zone.


The pitch went off with out a hitch (did it take place in a ditch?) – actually, Bush’s pitch bounced once before it was caught by Giants catcher Shinnosuke Abe – which you have to say is a far better performance than one of his old man’s trips to Japan –  although there were protesters outside the stadium.

Dozens of demonstrators marched outside the stadium protesting the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq that were launched by the Bush administration. They carried signs saying, “Arrest Bush,” “The King of War,” and “Bush Go to Jail.”

One demonstrator threw his shoes at a photo of the former president, mimicking Iraqi journalist Muntadhar al-Zeidi, who launched his own footwear at Bush at a Baghdad news conference in December.

Ah yes. The shoe-throwing. Always a good one. But I particularly enjoy the fact that there was a sign that read “Bush Go to Jail,” simply because it makes me think of Dubya playing Jim Varney’s role in Ernest Goes to Jail. What do you mean? It’s a compliment. That Varney guy could act.

And is it just me, or does the guy standing to the left of Bush look like how Richard Gere would appear if he were Japanese? Hide the gerbils! Super terrific happy played-out Richard Gere joke time!

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