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What You Just Heard Was The Entire City Of Detroit Breathing A Collective Sigh Of Relief

ford field

Good news (for once), residents of the Greater Detroit Area! The epic matchup between your 1-5 Lions and the 0-7 St. Louis Rams will be blacked out from the local broadcast in your area, so you will have the fortune of watching some other game that Fox is broadcasting. Happy days!

Lions spokesman Bill Keenist confirmed Thursday the team didn’t sell all of the 10,000-plus tickets that were still available the previous day. Therefore, the game featuring the 1-5 Lions and the winless Rams will be blacked out in the Detroit, Lansing, Saginaw-Flint and Toledo, Ohio, markets.

Wait, Toledo? At first, this made  no sense whatsoever, but after looking into it and discovering that Toledo is only a little more than 50 miles from Detroit and 100 miles from Cleveland, I guess I can see why the game is blacked out there.

So there you  have it, folks. Just when you thought you couldn’t come up with any other reason why it must suck to live in Toledo besides, you know, having to live in Toledo, Ohio, we now know that their regional NFL viewing options consist of the Cleveland Browns and the Detroit Lions. Ouch.

Lions-Rams game will be blacked out in Detroit-area markets []