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Jason Whitlock Is Funny, Topical


Most of my favorite stuff that Whitlock writes can be usually found in his “NFL Truths” columns. Here’s how he opened the most recent one:

Dear Jason:

I really enjoyed the Limbaugh and Steve Phillips columns last week. But if you don’t write an NFL Truths column this week, I’m dumping you for Jay Glazer.

Brooke Hundley

Although the thought of Brooke Hundley and Jason Whitlock greasing each other up for a spirited bout of Skanko-Roman wrestling is an abhorrent one, it’s probably not that far from the truth. I could definitely imagine Whitlock being game for a little hoggin’ with Hundley. Especially if it meant sticking it to Jay Glazer, whom I am sure has had his fair share of “road pork” on par with Hundley in his day.

Hey, that’s a great idea for a reality show. Hoggin’ With Hundley. But the question is, what would the show be about? Man, I came up with the name, now somebody else come up with the damn premise of the show. My work here is done.

NFL Truths: Zorn should embrace bizarre role [FoxSports]