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Company Located On Minnesota-Wisconsin Border Makes Cheesy Video About Vikings-Packers Rivalry

BAM! Did you see that? Cheesy? It’s early yet and I’m already on fire.

With the Vikings-Packers game this Sunday, the tension around these here parts is reaching a fever pitch, especially with the whole “Brett Favre returning to Lambeau Field” nonsense being bandied about. So what does that mean, you ask? Simple. Small web design companies try to make an amusing video about it, of course!

Anyhoo, here’s a video created by a company named RESCO, which is located in Hudson, Wisconsin. The lovely city of Hudson is located approximately 20 miles from Saint Paul and about 230 miles from Green Bay, so it’s proximity to the Twin Cities and it’s location in Wisconsin creates an interesting mix of Vikings fans and Packers fans. You really have to experience first-hand to see how odd people are in that town, but it’s not like I’m recommending you book your next vacation there.

The video itself is borderline amusing at best – think of it as a The Office-inspired cross between a workplace safety video and something, um, even less funny. But there are a few good bits in it, in particular the Vikings fan who prays to a shrine featuring a Randy Moss jersey and Chris Carter poster. And what’s the deal with the Kailee Wong Vikings jersey? Who in their right mind has been holding on to that one, waiting for the perfect occasion to wear it again?

See? People in flyover country really don’t have anything better to do than make YouTube videos that make them look like goofballs. I guess the joke’s on us!

But hey, lay off, man. I didn’t make the video, so don’t get all pissy with me. I never insinuated that this YouTube video was the next “Chocolate Rain” or anything. But hey, there is a Vikings fan with a mullet getting hit in the side of the head with an egg, so uh, there’s that, I guess.