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Weird: Stabbed Six Times Outside Home = Assault Charges For English Soccer Player


I have never claimed to understand how the English handle things, so I shouldn’t be surprised that a xenophobic weirdo like me has been left a bit confused regarding this story:  Calum Davenport, a 26-year-old player for West Ham United,  has been charged with assault causing actual bodily harm on a woman relating to an incident outside his home in Bedfordshire, England that left him stabbed six times in the legs. Davenport spent six days in intensive care as a result of the stabbing.

Mr Davenport, of Moor View Close, Greenfield, Flitton, Bedfordshire, is currently on bail to appear at Bedford Magistrates’ Court on 10 November.

In a statement issued by his PR company, Mr Davenport said: “I am deeply shocked and disappointed at the decision that has been made to charge me with assault.

Worrell Whitehurst, 25, has been charged in the attack on Davenport as well as an attack on Davenport’s mother and one would have to suspect that the stabbing by Whitehurst was in retaliation for whatever Davenport did to the woman.

Or perhaps the stabbing and the alleged assault were completely unrelated. Maybe Whitehurst simply doesn’t like people with pansy-ass names. I mean, what kind of name is Calum? People have been stabbed for far less, right?

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