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OMG! Jimmy Rollins Picks The Phillies To Win World Series, New York Post Refers To Him As ‘Mouthy’


By now, everybody has heard about Phillies shortstop Jimmy Rollins’ appearance on Jay Leno’s show and how Rollins made a prediction regarding the outcome of the World Series. Well, Brian Costello of the New York Post doesn’t appreciate that Rollins would go so far as to say, while clearly hamming it up, that he believes the Phillies are going to beat the Yankees in the World Series. The headline on Costello’s column reads “Mouthy SS says Phils in five.” And Costello wants to let Rollins know he has angered the Great Yankees Fans and will be forced to endure their ire.

Rollins knows he will have the bull’s-eye on him tonight with the Yankee Stadium crowd eager to see him falter. He’s used to being the villain in Queens. Now he gets to see what the Bronx crowd can bring.

Yes, now he will see. Because if Rollins hadn’t said anything, the Yankee Stadium crowd would have certainly treated him with admiration and respect, right?

Further, how dare Rollins not cower in fear and awe and then genuflect to the great and awesome power of the New York Yankees? Does Rollins realize what he just did? He picked his own team to win! On a national television show watched by shut-ins and the mentally ill (seriously, who is watching this crap?).

I hope that Rollins has realized the folly of his statement and that he realizes that to have faith and belief in himself and his teammates and that they could win a series against the Yankees was a terrible, terrible mistake. Next time, Jimmy, just pick the Yankees, unless you desire to get scolded by a New York Post writer again. Shame on you, Jimmy Rollins!

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