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Mayor Of Green Bay Still Soliciting Ideas On How To Welcome Back Favre


As the day draws closer to the much-ballyhooed return of Brett Favre to Lambeau Field playing for theĀ  *gasp* Vikings, Green Bay mayor Jim Schmitt’s office, after requesting suggestions, has been innudated with e-mails from residents detailing the best way to smart-assedly (?) commemorate the occasion.

Among the fans’ suggestions was holding a ceremony to retire the Packers’ No. 4 jersey in honor of former Packers quarterback Chuck Fusina, who threw 32 passes in seven games for Green Bay in 1986 – or scheduling a ceremony to retire No. 4 for Favre and calling it off at the last minute.

Oh, those are some quality suggestions, indeed. But I have one suggestion for the residents of Green Bay and by extension, the entire state of Wisconsin of how you can welcome back your once-worshiped-cum-pariah gunslingin’ quarterback…


Hey Packers fans, you aren’t the first fanbase to watch someone you considered a hero go play for another team. Do you ever hear a peep out of 49ers fans about how Joe Montana disgraced his legacy by playing for the Chiefs? Granted, Joe Montana didn’t go back-and-forth on whether he would retire or not, essentially holding the 49ers front office hostage and he didn’t sign with a rival team that the 49ers had to face twice a season, sticking a knife in an open wound and twisting it…

You know what? Maybe they do have a right to be a little bitter, but their “woe is us” attitude that Packers fans have been carrying on nonstop about borders on delusional martyrdom fueled by a distorted sense of smug self-righteousness (“we own our team in Green Bay, not like all the other idiot fans in the NFL”) can be a bit much. Yes, I am aware that I “don’t know how it feels” and all that crap, but come on. Enough already.

All I know is it is going to be a sight to behold when Favre makes his first steps on Lambeau Field wearing purple on Sunday. It’s going to be ugly, to be sure.

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