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Frank Deford Lurves A-Rod But Probably Not As Much As He Loves Grunting Tennis Players


Frank Deford, writer for Sports Illustrated, commentator on NPR and frequent contributor to Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel, picked up his pen – I imagine that Deford still writes out all of his columns in longhand and forces an intern to type them – and wrote an ode to Alex Rodriguez on the eve of the suddenly-everybody-in-New-York-loves-him (imagine that) Yankees slugger’s first appearance in the World Series. A sampling:

And then, of course, October — A-Rod’s month that had lived in infamy. Had any great player’s name in any sport ever so pitilessly been paired with the word “choke” in a succession of offseasons? But in his third at bat in this October’s first postseason game, he drove in a run and drove away the boos, and he was off on a tear all the way to the World Series. By the end, Sunday night, when New York finished off the Angels, it was A-Rod that the Yankees surrounded. It was hard to believe he was the same person who started the season. He was a team-mate.

To be sure, it is top-notch passage written by one of the more well-respected and admired journalists to ever write about sports. But it lacked passion, intensity, lust. When I saw that he was writing about A-Rod, I was hoping he would try to match his sexually-evocative, erotic prose he displayed when he recounted his love for women’s grunting during tennis (seriously, click through, it’s worth it).

I must come clean with you guys. The only reason I published this was so I could link back to my earlier post about Deford’s women’s tennis column and upload that atrocious photo of him. Mea culpa, everyone.

But you know, considering the two things I set out to do, I would call this post a success, which is nice when you think about it.

No one else quite like A-Rod [SI]