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Cal Ripken Loses To Stacy Keibler In Baltimore Popularity Contest


Hey, at least it wasn’t Kevin Costner, right, Cal?

This is somewhat old news, but Baltimore Sun blog Ring Posts had a post yesterday about the TBS MLB Playoffs studio crew giving Cal Ripken some shit about losing to eye candy/former wrestler/Dancing With The Stars contestant Stacy Keibler in a Baltimore celebrity popularity contest.

The Baltimore Sun is referring to it as the “Baltimore Celebrity Smackdown” and after beating Baltimore broadcaster Scott Garceau in the first round, Ripken was absolutely throttled by Keibler in Round Two by a whopping 78.4% to 21.6% margin.

Of course, since it’s TBS, the studio crew had to do a little good-natured ribbing of Ripken. I particularly enjoy how David Wells proudly announces (and a bit lecherously, I might add) that he is well-aware of Stacy Keibler. And being that it’s a TBS Sports studio show, they use one of their more entertaining bits to embarrass Ripken: the awkward Photoshop.

Video follows.

By the way, because of her convincing victory over Ripken, Keiber has moved on and will face Michael Phelps in the next round. I’m so excited about Keibler’s chances I can barely breathe. Maybe I should take this pair of stockings out of my mouth that I pilfered out of Stacy Keibler’s dressing room a few years back. No, it’s not weird.

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