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Last Call: Geocities Edition


Sadly (?), it was announced by Yahoo that yesterday was the last day that GeoCities would be available.

Being a relative neophyte when it comes to blogging and using the internet for anything besides porn and stock quotes, the news means little to me. But I assume those of you who have been farting around with blogs and websites for some time may feel a bit nostalgic regarding the news. Courtesy of some site called Data Center Knowledge, here are a couple of newsworthy items regarding the demise of GeoCities.

  • There have been a number of efforts to preserve the GeoCities sites for posterity, including one by the Internet Archive and another by Archive Team, a separate group. Both efforts began this spring.
  • Another effort was begin on Oct. 20 (yep, last Tuesday) by ReoCities, which has generated interest for its mad scramble to backup all of GeoCities in less than a week. Hmmm … did they know the Archive was working on this?
  • Gawker, with its usual snark, cites the evaporation of value represented by the closure, noting that Yahoo paid $3.5 billion for GeoCities in 1999.
  • Netcraft notes that the impending closure will wipe out at least 930 known phishing sites, including 143 that were launched in the last month.
  • has invited readers to share their “favorite stories about GeoCities.”
  • Slashdot links to a number of tributes around the web, including ones at xkcd and Homestar Runner.

So there you have it. So long, GeoCities. I hardly knew thee.

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