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The Morning Bowl (October 26th): Like I’m Not Going To Link To An Interview With An “It’s Always Sunny” Cast Member!

bowl-smoking• Chris Littman interviews Rob McElhenney a/k/a Mac on It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia. [First Cuts]

• So, uh, Sunday’s New York Times crossword was Peter King-themed. No way the KSK guys were going to let that go unnoticed. [Kissing Suzy Kolber]

• Business_Socks expertly recaps NFL Sunday. [Style Points]

• Here we have a “Return of the Arm Punt” comic strip starring Brett Favre. [Simon on Sports]

• Punte recaps the winners and losers of NFL Week 7. [With Leather]

• Blue Menu presents “Food Court Lunch Presents the ALCS Award Winners.” Just so you know, that’s a lot of presenting going on right there. [Food Court Lunch]

• “Would Anyone Like A Serving of New York Fail?” I do I do! [Second-String Fullback]