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Jason Chimera Got Flipped Like A Cheese Omelette

Above is video of an absolutely vicious “hip check” by Los Angeles Kings defenseman Rob Scuderi on Columus Blue Jackets winger Jason Chimera during last night’s game, which the Kings went on to win 6-2. Scuderi was not penalized, Chimera got his face all busted up and Derek Dorsett received a 10-minute game misconduct for going after Scuderi near the bench. All in all, a typical outcome after a dangerous hit.

Of course, Wysh over at Puck Daddy, a far greater hockey mind than I could ever dream to be, has the goods on analysis and reaction to the questionable play.

Again, Scuderi comes in so low you almost have to believe it wasn’t his intention; that he misjudged Chimera’s approach or lost an edge or something of that ilk. But the claims by the announcers that Scuderi doesn’t dabble in the dark arts of vicious hip checks near the boards? Ask Dainius Zubrus about that.

There will be outcry from the usual “protect the head!” punditry; it will get a look from Toronto; but it would surprise us to see any supplemental discipline for Scuderi, despite the gruesome Chimera contortionism chronicled by Erin Nicks on The Universal Cynic. It would be penalizing the acrobatics of the hit rather than the play itself.

Man, between this play, Mike Richards destroying David Booth and Tuomo Ruutu’s boarding of Darcy Tucker over the weekend, the NHL sure is getting a lot more airtime, if you will, than it is usually accustomed to, although perhaps for the wrong reasons.

But like they say, there’s no such thing as bad publicity, right? Even if at this rate, the NHL will have more players suspended than playing by December.

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