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Holy Crap! More New Yorkers Watched ALCS Than A Mid-Season Giants Game!


Who woulda thunk it, right? There’s no way anyone could have convinced me that a Yankees playoff game would draw more viewers than a mid-season Giants game airing at the same time, but it’s true.

Picture this: you’re a New Yorker, it’s Sunday night and your options for sports-viewing are as follows:

1) Watching a postseason baseball game that could potentially end up being the victory that gets your beloved Yankees into the World Series for the first time since 2003; or

2) A Giants game, although somewhat important because it was a conference game, in all likelihood will have little bearing on how the Giants ultimately fare the rest of the season.

If you picked number 2, guess what? New Yorkers strongly disagree with you! That just goes to show you could never make it the Big City, farmboy. Even MLB Commissioner Bud Selig was impressed:

“Our ratings last night were spectacular,” commissioner Bud Selig said Monday in a telephone interview with The Associated Press. “To get a 26.4 in New York while the Giants got a 9.3 on ‘Sunday Night Football’ is stunning.

Yes. Stunning. There’s no way I would have ever believed it, unless I had seen the Yankees win with my own eyes. Which I didn’t. I was watching the Giants-Cardinals game. Fuck the Yankees. Cock.

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