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Do You Want To Know The Awful Truth, Or Do You Want Mark McGwire To Teach You How To Hit Some Dingers?


Mark McGwire is set to re-join the Major League Baseball fraternity as he has reportedly agreed to join the St. Louis Cardinals as their hitting coach, indicating that Tony La Russa will be back as manager of the team as well. The news was confirmed by Fanhouse’s Ed Price on Sunday, meaning McGwire will replace hitting coach Hal McRae next season. Oh, the things he will be able to teach Albert Pujols! Not to mention helping him out with his swing.

No word on any job openings on the horizonĀ  in the major leagues for Sammy Sosa, McGwire’s partner-in-crime in 1998, so to speak, but I’m holding out hope that he could become the MLB’s Goodwill Ambassador to the small but heavily-populated country, Denialand. What? You’ve never heard of it? Sure you have – it’s all tucked away down there by Canada.

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