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Dan Cortese Is Psychic – If Only He Could Predict When He Would Get Another Acting Gig


Not suprisingly, Dan Cortese is a Twittering fool. What is surprising is that people actually care what Dan Cortese is tweeting about.

Big ups to PSAMP for keeping track of Dan Cortese’s tweets and that he accurately predicted the Steelers victory over the Vikings yesterday on  his Twitter account. To wit:


Bam! Sure, his prediction of the score was a little off, but you cannot argue with his accuracy in predicting the Steelers defense would come up big in the end, which they did, scoring two touchdowns in the 4th quarter.

But what I find most amusing is that the Dan Cortese couldn’t even get the Dan Cortese account on Twitter, having to go with the user name dancortese1. I’m surprised he didn’t tell the dancortese interloper to step off.  Hey dude, you better step off. Can you just step off, fake dancortese dude?

Me And Dan Cortese Are Psychic Steelers Fans [P.S.A.M.P.]