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Bill Coats Of The St. Louis Post-Dispatch Might Have The Worst Job In Sports


As you reluctantly drag your sorry ass to your job this Monday morning wishing you could do something, anything other than performing the mindless duties associated with your craptastic job – maybe something even affiliated with the world of professional sports – take a moment to contemplate the existence of one Bill Coats.

You see, Bill’s job is to assess various components of the St. Louis Rams team (i.e. coaching, running backs, etc.) and grade them on how they performed in the previous game. According to my calculations, the Rams graded out with a 1.63 GPA, which is right about a C-.

Question: how does a team manage to get a C- after they lost 42 to freaking 6? By going forward with Coats’ grading scale (which I assume is on a very generous curve), the Rams would have to lost 128-2 to the Lions to receive an F.

Although I disagree with his grading methods, I have to feel bad for Mr. Coats. Covering the Rams must be soul-draining. The only thing worse would have to be covering the Browns, something I wouldn’t wish upon my worst enemy.

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