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All I’m Saying Is Philadelphia Should Try And Counter With Boyz II Men


It was just announced that rapper/businessman/Brooklyn-ite/funny glasses-wearing Jay-Z will perform before Game 1 of the World Series on Wednesday before the Yankees and Phillies take the field in Yankee Stadium. Joining Jay-Z will be fellow New Yorker Alicia Keys  as they perform Jay-Z’s hit (?), “Empire State of Mind.”

“Thank the good Lord for making me a Yankee,” the Brooklyn native said in an interview Monday.

He calls the opportunity a “once in a lifetime experience” and says though the jam has become an unofficial New York anthem, he’s not pushing for it to be the city’s theme song.

“I’m not pitching it for anything, it’s just a song I made for New York City,” he said.

While it is certainly admirable that a performer would actually take the time to write a song without any intent to use it solely as means to market a product, I feel that if Philly allows the Yankees to one-up them by having Jay-Z perform and Philly not bringing in one of its city’s best musical acts to get the party started before the start of Game 3 at Citizens Bank Park, it would most certainly be a letdown.

That’s why I’m pushing for Boyz II Men to make an appearance and perform their most current hit…, um, well, I suppose one of their classic hits would do. How about “Mowtownphilly”? If that doesn’t get the crowd going, I don’t know what would – other than fellow Philly natives Hall & Oates playing a medley of all of their hits – which to be honest, I would totally prefer. Talk about making my dreams come true (ooo-ooh, ooh, ooh, ooo-ooh).

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