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The Morning Bowl (October 23rd): This Feud Is Turning Out To Be More Awkward Than ‘The Magic Hour’

bowl-smoking• Magic Johnson and Isiah Thomas are no longer kissy-kissy. [With Leather]

• Two Yellows is very, very angry with baseball right now. You can practically taste the hate. [The Phoenix Pub]

• NHL writers are bad at writing Simmons-esque columns. Really bad. [Melt Your Face Off]

• Video of some kid re-enacting the batting stances of the 2009 Pittsburgh Pirates. It’s not said very often, but this kid doesn’t play enough video games. [P.S.A.M.P.]

• NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman received a 27% raise last season? Huh? [Food Court Lunch]

• A weekly must-read: the Thursday Fantasy Feast. Yes, I am aware that it’s Friday, but it’s still worth reading. [Second-String Fullback]