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Uh-Oh, Is Kerry Collins Hitting The Bottle Again?


Despite claims by Jeff Fisher that, although confident in quarterback Kerry Collins ability, the Titans head coach would consider major changes to lift the team out of its 0-6 funk (which hit rock bottom after it got pasted 59-0 by the Patriots last Sunday) and statements by Titans owner Bud Adams that he would like to see Vince Young playing, Collins is confident that he will be the team’s starter after the team’s bye week when they play Jacksonville on November 1st. Via the Huddle:

“I haven’t gotten any indication from him of a change,” Collins said Wednesday, via the Tennessean.

You know, that’s the first thing that happens when someone resumes the hard-partying and boozing: they don’t notice how circumstances are changing around them and how their actions are bringing about those changes. If I seen it once, I’ve seen it a thousand times.

Collins contributions to the downward spiral the Titans are currenlty in are partially illustrated by the following statistics: 54.8 completion percentage and 8 interceptions with only 5 touchdowns for a paltry 62.0 quarterback rating. What say you, Mr. Collins?

“I feel like I can be the guy when this thing turns around, that I’ll be in there. And I wholeheartedly believe that we will and I’ll be a big part of that.’

Whoa there, Kerry. Settle down like rain. What is he intending to turn around? This season is a complete bust – there’s no coming back from an 0-6 record, no matter how much he wants to believe the Titans can rip off 10 consecutive wins and make the playoffs. If I were Fisher, I would take off the Colts jersey, pack it in and let Young start and see what you got with that goofball.

But poor, poor Kerry Collins. No matter how low he feels, he shouldn’t try to find comfort in the bottom of a bottle of whiskey. His belief that he can turn it around at this point in the season is as heartbreaking as him believing he could make it as a country music singer/songwriter. Yowsers.

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