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The Morning Bowl (October 22nd): 10/22/1939 – A Day That Will Live In Infamy

bowl-smoking• Why? That was the very day of the very first NFL television broadcast! Imagine a world without the phrase “rumblin’, bumblin’, stumblin’…” [Joe Sports Fan]

• Philly fans took a moment from their rioting to boo TBS. [Awful Announcing]

• A new Style Points editor? Excellent. Take a moment to head over to SP to mock and ridicule Chris Hanson’s Axe. Good luck, sir. You’ll fit right in over there. [Style Points]

• lowercase takes us on another tour of football on the fringe and I appreciate it. Thanks. [The Phoenix Pub]

• No rational person is buying that Chauncey Billups after a workout. [Sports Crackle Pop]

• samer slows it down for a moment and writes a semi-serious post about injuries to football players. [Second-String Fullback]