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Let’s Hear It For The Great State Of Caleeefornyahh!!


Whether the state of California breaks off the continental United States and falls into the ocean before it devolves into America’s first Third World State isn’t really that important at the moment. Either way, at least its citizens will more than likely have an NFL team to cheer on while their world crumbles around them. And they can thank Governor Schwarzegger for that.

Schwarzenegger announced the signing of the environmental exemption bill Thursday in Industry, where the stadium would be built about 15 miles east of Los Angeles.

Officials say the stadium would generate more than 18,000 jobs and more than $762 million in economic output.

Senators last week approved the bill, which would nullify a lawsuit filed by nearby residents over the project’s environmental impact.

Obviously, the stadium is being built in an attempt to lure an NFL team to Los Angeles – again. Developer Majestic Realty Co. has a list of seven teams it will try to trick into coming to L.A., including the Chargers, Raiders and 49ers, because nothing says “progress” like cities in the same state cannibalizing each other’s sources of civic pride.

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