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Hey, Soccer Hooligans In Amsterdam: You’re Doing It Wrong

amsterdam2amsterdamPolice have reportedly arrested dozens of hooligans in the Red Light District of Amsterdam after fights broke out between supporters of rival clubs Ajax and Dinamo Zagreb.

Amsterdam Police spokesman Nabil Ou-Aissa says most of the hooligans arrested are Ajax supporters and they were detained for public order offenses. He could not give the exact number of people detained.

About 300 police were in the area Thursday and charged into groups of fans to keep them apart. Ou-Aissa says the situation is not yet under control.

Most of the degenerates were Ajax fans, eh? Well, it’s a good thing so many police were on hand to cleanse the streets of such riffraff.

Frankly, I don’t understand how people enjoying the sights, sounds and smells (and tastes?) of lovely Amsterdam could find themselves in such a state that fighting would be an option. I mean, why would you insist on causing a ruckus when there are so many better options available in which to spend your time in one of Europe’s budding cities? Unless it was over a tasty treat like a piece of cake.


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