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Mark Cuban Isn’t Against Steroids Or Opening His Fat, Stupid Mouth


Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban, ever the rabblerouser, as reported Kevin Gorman of the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, told Pitt students during an question-and-answer session on Tuesday that he technically isn’t against steroids.

“I’m not so against steroids,” Cuban said, pausing to a roomful of laughter, “if it’s administered under the proper supervision.”

“We do performance-enhancing things all the time, just not steroids,” Cuban said. “If you administer them properly and fairly and set the rules strictly, as long as in doing so we recognize there are no negative long-term health-impact issues. Sometimes, you just put blinders on because it came from underground. Rather than saying, ‘what’s the best way to do this and is there a positive out of it?’ we just dismiss it.”

Maybe for the first time ever, Cuban’s views make a little sense. He attempted to clarify his comments by saying, “Maybe because I don’t have to deal with it that it’s an uninformed comment,” Cuban said, “but I think my position is just common sense.”

Common sense? Mark Cuban? Additional generic question? What the hell is going on here?

The next thing you know, Cuban will be saying that David Stern is an all-around good guy and that he wishes they hadn’t got off on the wrong foot. But then we would know Cuban is a bald-faced liar and an idiot. Which he is, no matter how sensible his views are on the issue of steroids in professional sports.

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