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Awkward: Doesn’t It Appear That Howie Long’s Daughter Is Pointing At His Crank In This Chevy Commercial?

Who are the ad wizards who came up with this one? I’ve been reluctant to address this issue due to its taboo nature and how (I hope) it’s completely unintentional, but I saw it about 10 times during the Yankees-Angels game and I cannot avoid discussing it any longer. Is it just me, or does there seem to be a little bit of totally inappropriate sexual innuendo going on in this commercial between Howie Long and his child co-star when she appears to point at his crotch about halfway through the commercial?

I had no idea that the little redhead is Howie Long’s daughter Maggie that appears with him in the above commercial for the Chevy Traverse until I went looking for it on YouTube. And to be truthful, I cannot say whether it makes the commercial more or less awkward to watch.

The crotch-pointing incident occurs at approximately the 15 second mark in the commercial and now that I pointed it out, I expect it will be the only thing you will notice.

So, what I surmise – albeit incorrectly – from this commercial is that Howie makes his daughter refer to his manhood as “a big girl car.”

I’m sorry. That’s just wrong. Not only the commercial, but also how I noticed it.