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Tony Kornheiser Reports That People Were ‘Stunned’ In Owner’s Box By Anti-Snyder Chants


Yet again proving that the obscenely-rich have little to no concept of reality, Tony Kornheiser relayed that guests of Redskins owner Dan Snyder taking in Washington’s epic fail 14-6 loss to the previously winless Chiefs were “stunned” to hear fans (I’m using that term loosley) in attendance voicing their displeasure at the current plight of the Redskins with chants of  “Sell the team.”

Although Snyder was not present in the box at the time, Kornheiser said on his radio program that “everybody in the box” heard the chant.

How can these people be “stunned” at this development? The team is in absolute shambles, and much of the blame can be placed squarely on Dan Snyder’s massive ego, from his bizarre choices for the head coaching job (Steve Spurrier? Hello?) to his belief that throwing incredible amounts of money at free agents will magically transform the team into a winner.

Kornheiser claims to have discussed this very issue with Snyder, transcribed by D.C. Sports Bog (via The Huddle):

“At the end of the first half, Snyder was not where he normally sits for the entire two-minute drill,” Kornheiser said. “And I don’t know where he was, because he was in front of me. And I chatted with him at great length, and gave him all my opinions as to what should happen, including that Theismann should be the coach. And it is my opinion, and I’ll stay with that until I’m proven wrong, and I’m never gonna be proven wrong because it’s not gonna happen.

“But at the end of the half, there began a chant–Sell The Team. Sell The Team. Sell The Team.–that everybody in the box heard. The people in the box were stunned. I don’t know that he heard it, because he wasn’t there, but the people in the box were STUNNED. And I remember saying to him about two hours before the game, ‘If you don’t understand this, this is falling on you. ON YOU. Not anybody else, falling on you. And he said–and I will share this–he said ‘I’m just so embarrassed for the fans, because I do think we have great fans.’

“And I said, ‘Well, why don’t you say that out loud somewhere?’ And then we talked about what you could do or what you couldn’t do, but I’m not an adviser to the team.”

I love Steinberg’s use of capital letters – if Kornheiser would have said, “IN A MILLION YEARS,” the internets might have collapsed on itself.

Still, the most troubling part of the story is how those in the owner’s box couldn’t believe that fans just might be unhappy with how Snyder has turned their once-proud franchise into a laughingstock. I can only imagine how psychologically damaging it would be if these folks found out that there are people in this country that actually have to pay their taxes.

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