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Last Call: Last Call Edition

Lopez,GeorginaRODRIGUEZ, SERGIO DELEONPerezIn my most recent effort to find anything remotely related to “last call,” I came across this story:

October 6, 2009

GALVESTON, Texas – Police in this island city are cracking down on nuisances and along the way are arresting felons on an array of charges.

Monday they arrested six people from a bar at 4102 Broadway called The Last Call. It definitely was The Last Call for Sergio Rodriquez, 30, charged with drug possession.  He’s in jail today in lieu of $40,000 bond.

It was also The Last Call for Georgina Lopez, 24, also arrested on a drug charge.  Her bond is $30,000.

Delia Marie Perez, 23, was charged with drug possession and intent to deliver drugs.  Her bond is $30,000 also.

Tobie Tobar, 35, got off light.  He was busted for for drug possession, but his bond was set at only $5,000.

Police say they have received numerous calls about The Last Call over the past year from neighbors complaining of drug activity there.

Fascinating, huh? I guess instead of the title above, I could have went with “Last Call: Weed’s Mailing In His Last Call Post Edition.” It would have been more accurate.


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