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Even Rolling Stone Magazine Takes The Time To Hate On Eric Mangini, Compares Him To Augustus Gloop

eric manginiaugustus_gloopFor Eric Mangini, you know things are going from bad to worse when magazines that don’t routinely cover the business you are employed in are taking potshots at you.

In its latest issue, Rolling Stone gleefully mocks the embattled head coach of the Cleveland Browns, likening him to the gluttonous Augustus Gloop from Charlie & The Chocolate Factory and referring to his brief time in Cleveland as “a sort of Hurricane Andrew of football mismanagement.”

To be fair, they have a point. Sitting at 1-5, Mangini has completely screwed up the quarterback situation, had players considering filing a grievance against him for fining a player $1,701 for not paying for a $3 bottle of water on a hotel bill and most importantly, carries himself with a smamry, self-satisfied demeanor that belies the horrible start he has had in Cleveland.

But Rolling Stone? Shouldn’t they be spending more time covering Jack Black’s latest side project, pretending like Megan Fox is actually a compelling and talented actress to justify placing her on the cover, or desperately trying to prove that it is still a relevant and hip music publication?

All I know is I cannot wait until Spin takes the time to knock Tony LaRussa down a peg or two. He’s got it coming, that’s for sure, and who better to do it than Spin?

Wait, is Blender still putting out issues? If so, definitely Blender.

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