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Ron Zook Would Probably Rather Be Waterskiing


Commenting on the complete clusterfuck he has created and finds himself in after his Illinois team lost 27-14 to Indiana, head coach Ron Zook assessed how it feels to be coaching a bad team (1-5, 0-4 in the Big Ten):

“This is a bad, sick feeling. I told them, this is going to end when we decide it’s going to end.”

Indeed. The demands for his termination have risen from murmurs to shouts among the Illinois faithful and considering the Illini have lost six consecutive Big Ten games and eight of nine overall, chances are good that Zook is headed to his fourth losing season out of five as coach of Illinois.

Man, coaching is nothing compared to getting up behind a boat on a pair of skis and letting the wind and water hit your face while you contemplate your God-given awesomeness. I can imagine Zook closing the door to his office and listening to “Boys of Summer” by Don Henley over and over and wishing that the warm rays of the summer sun would arrive soon.

But that is not to be. Zook will have to suck it up and sleepwalk his way through this season before some other sap of an athletic director comes along and hires him to screw up their football program.

Yeah, I really had nothing here. But I refuse to pass up a chance to post the Ron Zook waterskiing photo. In fact, I believe as a blogger, I am ethically bound to do so – I think it’s called the Leitch Rule.

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