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Jeff Reed Keeps On Keeping It Real

jeff reed

Jeff Reed, an inebriated hero among men, was once-again busted by police for his hard-partying ways. This time for public intoxication and disorderly conduct stemming from incident outside McFadden’s Bar on the North Shore.

Police said Reed was leaving McFadden’s Bar on the North Shore when he got into an argument with a police officer at about 9 p.m. Sunday. Police said he will be mailed a summons to appear in city court.

Steelers spokesman Dave Lockett said in a statement, “We’re still gathering information at this time and feel it’s inappropriate to comment until we have all the facts.”

Why can’t people just let Jeff Reed be Jeff Reed? Sometimes Jeff Reed being drunk and acting like an asshole is the only thing that makes sense in this crazy world. He’s wasn’t hurting anyone, and most importantly, no towel dispensers were assaulted during this most recent incident.

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