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Jared Allen Don’t Take Too Kindly To Some Punk-Ass Rookie Talking Smack About Him

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Baltimore Ravens rookie tackle Michael Oher wasn’t very impressed with Jared Allen after he faced him (along with help from a chipping running back or tight end on almost every play) yesterday in the Ravens 33-31 loss to the Vikings. Via Access Vikings:

In the Ravens locker room, Oher was not being quite as kind to Allen despite the fact the veteran got the best of the battle early on and Oher had a pair of false-start penalties . “In the second half, I feel like I shut him out,” Oher said. “There is nothing really special about him. I think if we played them [in Baltimore], it would make a big difference. The false starts were just mistiming the snap.”

Here’s Allen’s response on “After Party With Jay Glazer”:

“Well that’s just some idiot trying to talk himself up,” Allen said. “I beat that dude like a red-headed step child, let’s be honest.  If he was so good why did they have to chip me all day? Ask him that. That’s just a rookie trying to build his self confidence up. Besides, you lost and your quarterback spent his whole day on the back of his head until the fourth quarter. That guy [Oher] will watch film today and realize. Everybody else in the world saw me abuse him.”

Anytime you can incorporate “beaten like a red-headed stepchild” into a comeback, you’re doing some serious smack-talking. Hey Oher, you obviously are a little pouty after losing a heartbreaking game your team perhaps should have won, but just because a book has been written about you and a movie has been made about your life doesn’t necessarily make you a star – at least in the NFL.

Also, you don’t want Jared Allen firing up his Twitter account and going on the offensive. That would not be pretty, I suspect.

(Thanks, Shakey)

Allen responds to rookie’s comments [Access Vikings]