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Green Bay Mayor Seeking Suggestions On How To Welcome Back Brett Favre That Do Not Involve Firearms


Well, if it doesn’t involve an assassination attempt or burning Deanna Favre at the stake for being the heretic bitch that she is (residents of Green Bay probably now believe she beat breast cancer through the use of witchcraft), I can’t see how any idea will be up to snuff for the folks in Green Bay. They want blood and they want it now, dammit.

Jim Schmitt (lower right), the mayor of Green Bay, has asked the citizens of the small hamlet to give him suggestions on how to “tastefully” welcome back Brett Favre when the Vikings head to Green Bay to take on the Packers on November 1st.

According to the city’s Web site, Mayor Jim Schmitt is asking fans to send in ideas and he’ll select his four favorite ideas.

The site says one suggestion calls for making the world’s largest waffle in the shape of No. 4, Favre’s jersey number. It’s a playful jab at Favre’s indecisive approach to retirement.

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