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It’s 4:19, You Gotta Minute? (October 16th)

4_19• One of George Foreman’s sons is reportedly involved with Amy Winehouse. I’d rather stick my pecker in a heated up Foreman Grill than that cooze. [Style Points]

• Chad Ochocinco (along with Motorola) saves the day: the Bengals game this weekend will not be blacked out in Cincinnati. [Shutdown Corner]

• One day, Dick Jauron will have his revenge on the internet. As soon as he figures out what the internet is. [Rumors & Rants]

• Some FSU football players read at the 2nd grade level. So that makes them more intelligent than the average Floridan, right? [Bootlegger Sports]

• Once again, Hal Gill is ruining everything. Dick. [Melt Your Face Off]

• Holy Oklahoma fan asscrack, Batman! [Busted Coverage]