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Stuff To Tune In To And Zone Out On For October 15th

floydMLB Playoffs. Game 1, NLCS: Philadelphia Phillies at Los Angeles Dodgers. How can we think about baseball when the owner of the Dodgers is getting divorced??? [TBS, 8:00 ET]

College Football. Cincinnati at South Florida. I’ve got nothing sarcastic or interesting today. Um, it should be a good game? [ESPN, 7:30 ET]

Must-See TV. All new episodes of Community, Parks & Recreation, The Office and…drum roll please…the season premiere of 30 Rock. Hurrah! [NBC, 8:00 ET]

It’s Always Awesome When There’s A New It’s Always Sunny. Tonight: The Waitress Is Getting Married. Poor Charlie!! [FX, 10:00 ET]