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Rush Limbaugh On Getting Dropped As Investor: It’s Obama’s Fault

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In a strange departure from his usual behavior and demeanor during his widely listened to radio program, Rush Limbaugh, instead of calmly discussing the issues that are facing our country and intelligently discussing the most beneficial solutions as he normally does, used his radio program as a bully pulpit of sorts to take shots at enemies and provide delusional reasons behind why he has been dumped as a member of a group that would like to purchase the St. Louis Rams. Of course, we can blame it on Obama.

During a 15-minute counterattack at the start of his show, Limbaugh said he believes he’s been made an example by a players’ union seeking leverage in talks over a new collective bargaining agreement. And he believed what happened to him was an illustration of “Obama’s America on full display.”

Limbaugh also accused the NFL Players Association is taking advantage of his controversial ownership bid in their negotiations of the collective bargaining agreement with NFL owners.

“It’s designed to intimidate the owners, frighten the owners, and say ‘We’re running this league now, gang, not you,”‘ Limbaugh said. “This little warning shot fired across the bow to the owners, to say ‘Get ready, here we come for the next collective bargaining agreement,’ so we’ll see how it all unfolds.”

You know, I have no real problem with Rush Limbaugh wanting to become a small part of a potential NFL ownership group. If he can make it through (which I’m not sure he would) all the other hoops potential owners are forced to jump through, why not?

But when he portrays himself as a unwitting, innocent pawn in a potentially contentious negotiation between two powerful organizations is the moment he has elected to take himself far too seriously and allow his massive ego to get in the way. As usual.

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