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Lisa Guerrero Wishes That People Cared Which Hotel Room She Was Staying In


Don’t worry, Erin Andrews. Lisa Guerrero has got your back.

While you contemplate who Lisa Guerrero is and why you should care, here’s the scoop: in a report utilizing a hard-hitting journalistic approach one can only find on Inside Edition, former Monday Night Football sideline eye candy/Playboy centerfold Lisa Guerrero revealed how easy it is for someone to discover, simply by asking hotel staff, the whereabouts of a big-time celebrity. Or Lisa Guerrero, even.

Inside Edition placed Guerrero in two Nashville hotels and then sent another reporter to the same hotels to see how much information about Guerrero said reporter could find out.

In Monday night’s episode, reporter Jim More located Guerrero at the Marriott Vanderbilt and then at the Music City Sheraton just by asking at the front desk. The Vanderbilt is where ESPN sideline reporter Erin Andrews was secretly filmed nude in her room last year.

A Sheraton clerk asked Moret if he knew Guerrero saying, “Because, you know, after everything that went on,” apparently referring to the Andrews incident.

The clerk then gave Moret a room two doors away from Guerrero, taking his word that he was a friend of hers.

“It’s creepy that somebody can check into a hotel room, tell somebody that they’re my friend … [then] 20 minutes later be … 20 feet from my front door,” Guerrero said.

Creepy, indeed. Unfortunately, the report is essentially worthless since it doesn’t truly get to the heart of the issue. My assumption is that most celebrities, including Erin Andrews, usually use an alias when checking into a hotel. Going with that assumption, if Lisa Guerrero walks up to the counter and says, “I’m Lisa Guerrero, I used to be somebody. Can I have a room? But you know, since I used to be a minor celebrity, don’t tell anybody which room I’m staying in,” the clerk probably thought, “Yeah, whatever. I have no idea who you are,” and didn’t pass on the very important news about someone he or she has never even heard of around to all of his hotel clerk buddies.

Nevertheless, if a reporter can find out intimate details regarding Lisa Guerrero’s travel itinerary, all of us are vulnerable. Although if that same reporter could find out where Lisa Guerrero’s career went, that would be truly newsworthy.

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