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Jim Mora Likes To Pile It On Opponents, Pound Fist At Press Conference To Emphasize Point

jim mora

Seahawks head coach Jim Mora obviously got a little bit of the insanity gene from his old man. Probably wishing he was a coach for a big-time college program, where running up the score on an inferior opponent is not only accepted but encouraged, Mora was speaking to reporters about Seattle’s 41-0 drubbing of Jacksonville on Sunday, Mora seemed to revel in the fact on Monday that he called a timeout on a third down play in the third quarter because Seattle had the wrong defensive personnel on the field – with the Seahawks leading 34-0. He then proceeded to explain why:

“That’s why it was so important for me that we finish the game in the right way with the right frame of mind,” Mora said. “With a toughness. No letdown.”

“I want to do things right,” Mora said. “Whether we are behind, or ahead, or in a dogfight, we want to do things right.”

“I didn’t want mistakes,” he said Monday. “Didn’t want it to be 41-7. I wanted it to be 41 to nothing.”

Mora, punctuating his statement, pounded his fist once on the table.

Mora should have snuck in a “I’m a man!! I’m 47!” right after the fist pump. Or possibly, “The Jags are who we thought they were!!” You know, as  an homage to other crazy-ass football coaches.

You know what, I should try to be more demonstrative with my writing. Maybe that will draw in readers. Let’s give it a shot.

Jim Mora is one wacky football coach!! I admire his passion for the game!

(pounds fist on desk)

Ouch! Son of a bitch, now my hand hurts! And I suppose if no one is here to see me do it, the fist pound is kind of pointless. I guess I should have thought this one through a little more.

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