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Former NHL Sex Symbol Ron Duguay Is A Hero To Homosexual Ice Dancing Fans Everywhere

Ron Duguay leads a charmed life. Widely known as a sex symbol during his 12-season NHL career, Duguay parlayed his ladykilling, panty-removing status into marrying Kim Alexis. He is also enjoying a career renaissance of sorts now that he is appearing on CBC’s Battle of the Blades, a reality show featuring former NHL stars (Bob Probert, Claude Lemieux, Tie Domi, among others) paired up with professional ice skaters in a Dancing With The Stars-esque waste of television viewers’ time.

One good thing to come out of the show is the above video, a wonderful spoof depicting one excitable (and fancy!) fan’s appreciation of Duguay’s, ahem, more admirable qualities. And the retro Sasson commercial of Duguay and his Rangers teammates is pure awkward comedy gold.

(Thanks, Karl)

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