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Encyclopedia Brown And The Case Of The Missing Thurman Thomas Wood Sculpture

thurman thomas

If there ever was a time for Encyclopedia Brown, the crafty sleuth of youth literature, to make an appearance in the real world to solve a heinous crime, it would be right now. Therese Forton-Barnes, the founder of the organization Carvings for a Cause, has been left stunned after an 8-foot tall, 1,000 pound carving of Buffalo Bills great Thurman Thomas was stolen.

The tree statue, part of the Carvings for a Cause initiative carved from trees lost in the October Surprise snowstorm of 2006, was unveiled late Sunday morning at a tailgate party in a stadium parking lot across from the scoreboard.

It was last seen after the game Sunday but discovered missing Monday when organizers planned to take it to Sahlen Sports Park.

“I’ve never had anybody steal a carving,” Carvings for a Cause founder Therese Forton-Barnes said Monday. “They weigh anywhere from 1,000 to 2,000 pounds.  It would take a lot of strong people and a flatbed truck,” she said. “I don’t understand it. It’s a mystery. I’m perplexed by the whole thing.”

I’m not trying to point fingers, but who could benefit from this terrible crime? A bitter rival of the wood sculptor who created the piece? A disgruntled “Save America’s Forests” activist? Or was it, as Forton-Barnes suggests, simply a bunch of drunk and rowdy revelers intent on using it for “the most wickedest bonfire ever”?

Although they could all be suspects, the focus of my initial suspicions rest on one person and one person only:

Scott Norwood.

Shame can cause a man to do horrible things. Just ask Encyclopedia Brown. Well, you can’t ask him, he’s a fictional character. But you know what I meant.

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