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Both Cardinals Chairman Bruce Bill DeWitt, Jr. And Actress Joyce DeWitt Are In Denial About 2009

Bill DeWittjoyce-dewittBruce Bill DeWitt, Jr., the chairman of the St. Louis Cardinals, has now gone on record as stating he considers the 2009 season for the Cardinals  a resounding success, even though the team just got swept out of the postseason by the Los Angeles Dodgers. Witness the denial:

“Every spring you go into the season with the goal of winning your division and playing postseason baseball. When you have that opportunity, you do whatever you can to do it,” DeWitt said. “It doesn’t mean every year you’re going to reach the postseason, but the better your opportunity, the better your chance of winning a world championship. Winning a division title is a tremendous accomplishment by itself.”

Maybe that’s true, but I highly doubt the hordes of Cardinals fans out there are so eager to agree. Instead, for competitive and successful organizations like the Cardinals, winning the division should be the expectation, not something to hang your hat on.

Which brings us to Joyce DeWitt.

You see, the lovely and talented actress, best known for her role as Janet Wood on the taboo-breaking series Threes Company, is probably in denial about her 2009 as well. DeWitt considers the fact that her face was splashed across tabloid magazines and websites last summer as a testament to a resurgence in her career. Unfortunately, it was for all the wrong reasons.

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Oh, dear, sweet Joyce.¬† Everybody warned you to stay away from that Regal Beagle. But you wouldn’t listen.

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