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Wake N’ Blog For October 12th: If He Had Only Been Taking A Bunch Of Speed He Would Have Been Okay

wake-n-blogMLB Playoffs Roundup. The Angels completed their sweep of the Red Sox, scoring five runs in the final two innings, winning 7-6. The Yankees completed their sweep of the Twins as well, winning 4-1 in the last game to ever be played in the Metrodome. The Phillies beat the Rockies 6-5 to take a 2-1 lead in the series. [MLB. Scoreboard]

National Football League. The Colts are now 5-0 and the Titans 0-5 after Indianapolis throttled Tennessee 31-9. This was the 14th straight regular season victory for the Colts. [Yahoo!]

Golf. The United States easily won the President’s Cup. To be honest, I forgot it was even going on. [Yahoo!]

Smoking is bad, mmmmkay? A 48-year-old Canadian truck driver was pulled over and ticketed for smoking, as his truck is considered a workplace. He will have to pay the $290 ticket and take a workplace sensistivity course. Okay, he doesn’t have to take the course, but he should. Damn smokers stinkin’ up the place. Loser. [Yahoo!/Reuters]