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Tim Cowlishaw Would Like Jerry Jones To Reward Wade Phillips For Beating The Chiefs By Firing Him


As he has been forced to learn due to his bitter battles against Woody Paige and Jay Mariotti for newspaper columnist supremacy in the area of loud-mouthy blowhardiness on ESPN’s Around the Horn, Tim Colishaw knows that mercy is for the weak. That must be why Cowlishaw devoted his entire column this morning to insist that Jerry Jones fire Wade Phillips’ fat ass. Here’s the gist:

On a different plane higher up the business scale, general managers and owners (in the Cowboys’ unique case, this is one person) should look at the body of work and the direction of a team, not just the final play of an overtime game, to make decisions of significance.

It’s not that I expect Jerry Jones to do the right thing this week. In fact, I’m certain he won’t.

But he’s more than capable of it.

Fire a coach after a regular-season victory?

It’s rare, yes, but this is a man who changed coaches after a Super Bowl win.

The right thing now would be to remove Phillips during the bye week and give offensive coordinator Jason Garrett – the one-time heir apparent whose career has been a roller coaster ride since 2007 – the final 11 games to see if he can create a sense of urgency as head coach.

It’s not like the Cowboys season has been an abject failure – they are 3-2 after all – but just like every other year, the hype machine has drastically overrated the Cowboys talent and unfortunately, someone has to pay the price.

With that said, it is nevertheless difficult to find any holes in Cowlishaw’s argument that Phillips should be the fall guy – just because the Cowboys got lucky doesn’t mean that Phillips had anything to do with it. I try to avoid watching Cowboys games like the plague, but every time I have tuned in to one, whenever they show Phillips on the sideline, he has  the look of a slow kid who just missed the short bus.

But Jason Garrett? That guy is a douche of the highest order.

On second thought, he’s the perfect guy for the job.

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