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If He Gets One More Concussion, Michael Lewis Should Get A Free Sub Or Something

michael lewis

San Francisco 49ers safety Michael Lewis sustained his third concussion of the season yesterday in San Francisco’s 45-10 loss to the Atlanta Falcons. His first concussion was on August 18th so he has now had three in less than two months.

Lewis went in with his head down as he helped on a tackle of Falcons running back Michael Turner with 10:51 to go in the third quarter. As the players got up after the play, Lewis remained on the field, face down.

San Francisco’s medical staff attended to him and gently rolled him onto his back and helped him sit up. He was clearly woozy as he was helped off the field with a medical staff member supporting him on either side.

Lewis might want to sit a few games out, if not the rest of the season. Concussions are obviously no joking matter, so I will avoid making any. However, there is one thing I would like to point out: I heard that if you get four concussions in a span of three months, the National Concussion Society gives you Troy Aikman’s phone number and an autographed photo of Chris Burke. But hey, life goes on, right?

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