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Dan Patrick Continues To Give Out Weekly Sports Award On His Show To People Who Have Nothing To Do With Sports

nancy o'dell

First, he gave the award to himself. Now, Nancy O’Dell?

Not that it’s the biggest woo in the world, but for this week’s “Got It Done” award, Dan Patrick, who usually gives the award out to an athlete or team that excelled over the previous seven days gave it to Access Hollywood‘s Nancy O’Dell – because she appeared on the show and gave him an autograph.

OMG! An autograph from Nancy O’Dell? Do you know how much that could fetch on the “Unemployed People Who Watch Access Hollywood Until Oprah Comes On” market?

One would think with the full docket of sports that occurred over the past week, Patrick could find someone from the sports world to give the award to, but he stuck to his guns and went with the lovely and sultry Nancy O’Dell.

But none of them could compete with Access Hollywood’s Nancy O’Dell. O’Dell not only made a guest appearance on the shwo recently, she sent in a very nice photo with great note to Dan and the Danettes.

Sure, she didn’t score any points or tackle anyone, but Nancy got it done.

What in the hell is a shwo? Is that one of those upside-down ‘e’s?

And what did she get done?  A quick, shame-filled – although pleasurable – handjob in a stall in the men’s bathroom? If that’s all it took to get Patrick’s “Got It Done” award, wouldn’t Tim McCarver have already received a Lifetime Achievement Award by now? That guy seems to be on Patrick’s show every other day, and you just know there have been some awkward moments in the men’s room between those two.

Oh, and since the Sportress is your number one sports blog for all things Nancy O’Dell-related, she will be hosting WWE Raw tonight alongside Maria Menounos. I encourage much hair-pulling, clothes-tearing and inadvertent (or intentional – either way) crotch-grabbing for those two.

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