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Site News: Take This Blog And Shove It…


I ain’t working here no more.

For today. Scared ya, didn’t I? Don’t worry, dear reader, I’ll be back tomorrow.

Due to this development, you will have to go somewhere else today for your recommended daily allowance of dickjokery. Might I suggest With Leather? Yours truly will be handling the afternoon shift at that fine site (I know – what could they have possibly been thinking?). Consequently, the Sportress will be shut down for the day to prep for my duties over there and get some shit done around the office.

One other bit of site-related news: I will also be spending the entire day writing for With Leather this coming Friday. But do not fear: I have some wacky stuff planned for SoB – not new content, per se, but I’ll have something for you guys.

Enjoy your day and I’ll see you here at the Sportress tomorrow. Be sure to stop on by and pay me a visit over at With Leather later. It’s going to be the bee’s knees.