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Some People Don’t Find The Humor In A Cheerleader Being Depicted Getting Double-Teamed By Two Horses

Memorial High School

Many, many thanks to loyal Sportress reader Upstate Underdog, who risked life, limb and most importantly, his manhood by clicking on a link to a post on estrogen-enriched Gawker blog Jezebel. A story detailing the above shirt was contained therein.

Here’s the gist: an “anonymous and concerned parent” alerted something called the Feminist Law Professors to the above shirt, which depicts a cheerleader for the Stratford High School Spartans getting violated by two randy horses.

UU (I call Upstate Underdog “UU”, we got a good vibe) went even further and did a little internet research and believes that the high school in question that created this inappropriately hilarious shirt as part of their rivalry with the Spartans is Memorial High School in Hedwig Village, Texas – a suburb of Houston – which makes sense as the mascot for Memorial’s athletics is the Mustang, hence the horses violating said Spartan cheerleader. Further, there is a Stratford High School a mere six miles away from Memorial High School, giving credence to these schools sharing a hate-filled, bestialic-imagery-containing rivalry.

Now, we all have heard the stories about how serious they take high school football in Texas – it’s treated like a damn religion by those cretins. With that in mind, the cheerleading squad at Stratford High School should probably consider themselves lucky they weren’t bound, gagged and dragged to a horse barn on the outskirts of town. Because it’s my guess that this would be a Texans interpretation of the phrase, “Life Imitating Art.”

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